You want to change? Then meet a Entscheidung…

…hast you already started? Have you made a clear decision? Or keep your ideas and plans only in your head and you transforms not there in reality?

Most people have great ideas, want to achieve great and gigantic but make never all that, because they a short time later directly get self-doubt. “Can I do this at all?” “What the others think then I?” etc. It’s not about the others, it’s about you and your life..!

You have to you but ask “What have I actually have to lose?” The worst thing that can happen is just that it does not work. But worse than before is it you don’t then go:)

But unfortunately, most people are not even this first step. Instead things are dismissed with thoughts and phrases such as “Oh, I’m doing tomorrow.”, “For me this is nothing.” or “I can’t get it anyway.”

I wonder it always, where people can know that if they have not even made the decision to versuchen…

And many whine even, that is from alone does not change.  Well, what should change also?

“What changes, if I change anything?”

“Who always does what he can already is always that which already is he.” (Henry Ford)

Take your life into their own hands! Simply catch on and make a decision! You can not lose!


About Vamsee Angadala

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