Review of Samsung Galaxy Tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is an outstanding tablet with Android Honeycomb inside it. It is technically thinner and lighter than the Apple iPad 2. The Samsung Galaxy Tab’s a big contender in the arena of tablets. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is 0.2mm thinner than iPad 2, having only 8.6mm of laser accuracy thickness. Its weight is just 565 grams and this is further 36 grams lighter than the iPad 2.

One can look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab and easily come to the conclusion that this tablet is a magnificent marvel of engineering. When one holds this in one hand, one can easily say that it looks more of a mini version of the Samsung LED HDTV. The engineers have gone in to details like a person when holds the tablet, slightly touches the screen and hence there is a slight edge of the screen throughout that is devoid of touch enabling.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

The device is right enough to be compared with the other competitors as many have considered this device marvel as the best e-book reader while on the way. Android Honeycomb version 3.1 enables the processor to be used optimistically even, to the heaviest of the application running on the tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab does not have a USB port and this means that it cannot be connected to any of the computer based devices, but there is no requirement also as Samsung has made it as a pick and go device having the portability and functionality.

The front facing camera is 2Megapixel camera and the rear of it has a 3 Megapixel camera that can be utilized on heavy duty basis.

The best part is the 7000mAh rechargeable battery that is inside it, and it is the best because it gives the Samsung Galaxy Tab users an added advantage of using the device all day long. Nine hours is the limit if the Samsung Galaxy Tab is used for hearing music or watching videos or even playing games, when the tablet is utilized to maximum.

Samsung Galaxy Tablet

A built in gyro and a four way accelerometer gives the ability to respond faster to the turns and rotations of the screen and works even better when the kids are playing the games. Built-in features like GPS, Adobe Flash Browser, screen resolution of 1290 x 800, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core processor, has given the tablet a boost in the market for its availability at a lower price range than the other Android based tablets. For sure, Samsung Galaxy Tab is an excellent by for techies and professionals.


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